7 upcoming android phones in 2018

7 upcoming android phones  in 2018-At the end of 2017 some vendors have prepared a whiz champion hp mainstay to fight in 2018. Even some vendors have released a super phone kece at the end of 2017 is like Xiaomi with Mi mix and Mi note 2 and Huawei with mate 9. Keep the smartphone what the hell is the most in waiting and make a curious that will release in 2017 TechnoGrezz version later.

1. Iphone 8

Apple's smartphone is feasible to wait for a lot of rumors circulating if this phone will experience significant changes such as the presence of a curve-like version of galaxy s7 edge and the technology of charging without wires

2. Nokia Android

No need to deny again if after the acquisition of Microsoft's Nokia mobile division can be said more destroyed. Windows OS usage strategy failed miserably due to compete with android smartphone. Rumors are circulating Nokia will introduce android smartphone in the MWC 2017, we wait aja like what ya android smartphone first nokia later.

3. Samsung Galaxy S8

Year 2016 can be told that year is not fun for samsung due to the failure of galaxy note 7 which exploded and burned when this smartphone gets a very high enthusiasm. Do not want to go to soluble in sadness Samsung immediately step on the gas set up Samsung Galaxy S8 which reportedly will carry 8GB of RAM and 4K screen.

4. LG G6

This year LG released a flagship smartphone LG G5 with modular design alias can be in dismantle pairs, but unfortunately this strategy does not run smoothly because it is considered to make complicated. The next generation LG G6 in Kabarkn is no longer modular design. Various rumors also mention if the G6 will have a curved screen with an iris scanner in the front camera.

5. Oneplus 4

Although Oneplus 3 has just been released but the Oneplus 4 call has started to be heard. Rumors of this flagship killer smartphone smartphone will be in tenagai by Snapdragon 830 and will release mid-2017.

6. HTC 11

Although the achievement of HTC 10 less satisfactory not make smooth HTC broke, reportedly HTC has prepared HTC 11 rumors that will adopt a dual curve screen like galaxy s7 edge with 5.5 inch screen.

7. Xiaomi Mi Mix

Unlike 6 smartphones above Xiaomi mi mix is ​​officially released, the smartphone has a very sumptuous design without bezel and is supported by a cool specification as well.

That's 7 upcoming android phones  in 2018, maybe temen temen have another whiz can add it in the comment field.

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