5 Tips Safe Using Android, 100% immune to Hack and Malware

Sophistication smartphones and other gadgets are now very helpful to its users. Supported by the latest operating system like Android, plus equipped with various applications of all functions, human life is now much easier and practical

However, one important thing often overlooked the Android users. Security. Yes. During this time the user seemed lulled by the various conveniences and inclinations offered by Android. The majority of them will realize the importance of security when it is a victim of hacking or when the device is infected with the virus.

Google as the creator and developer company Android is focused on striving for the safety of its users, be it any form of data or devices owned. Through a videoconference at the Google Indonesia office, Andrew Ludwig (Technical Director for Android security at Google) delivered important safety related matters, up to a few tips on using android safely.

5 Tips to Safely Using Android Direct from Google

Ludwig added, the status of Android as the most popular mobile platform in the world has not been matched with awareness of its users for security. To that end, Ludwig explains the three key pillars that Google uses as Android security: Robust Platform, Comprehensive Services (using Google Play Protect) and Ecosystem Guidance (regular updates).

Ludwig also shares five important tips for Android users to be safe to use and irrespective of the risk of hacking and malware. Here are five tips:

1. Use Lockscreen Features

Simple tips that you already know its usefulness. But not infrequently, there are still many lazy Android users use this one security feature because it is a waste of time. In fact, the lockscreen feature is arguably the first gate that blocks the evil intentions of strangers holding your smartphone.

2. Make sure Data Backup

The more the skill the hacker possesses now makes you have to be vigilant because your data could be lost stolen anytime. For that, make sure you always backup data that you have to the device or other storage media.

3. Download Applications Only from the Official Store (Play Store)

You often feel the apps offered in the Play Store are lacking? Indeed you are free to look for other alternatives to search for various applications, but make no mistake, download the application from any place in fact very unsafe for your Android device. The risk of contracting the virus must have increased considerably.

4. Enable Google Play Protect and Find My Device

Being a feature or service created by Ludwig and his team to improve the security of Android users. You need to enable Google Play Protect and Find My Device. Both will conduct continuous monitoring (scanning) on ​​your smartphone application. So, it will be immediately detected if there is a suspicious virus problem or symptom.

In addition, Google Play Protect service also keeps updating the latest security system for your Android, even on every day. You no longer need to fear your security system is outdated because Google Play Protect will ensure you always get the latest security system.

5. Enable 2-Step Verification

Finally, always do two-step verification for all Google services you use. In addition to ensuring that you are actually doing the login and registration, two-step verification would be difficult for hackers to hack your account.

The final word

That's five tips to safely use Android so as not to be a victim of hacking or malware virus, which is given directly by the Director of Android Security at Google. You Android users, Jaka suggest to immediately apply the above five tips yes.

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