Hallo buddy bestappandroid.com , I'm sure my friend is an android user.

You must be browsing frequently on the internet. Read news on a website to get the latest information using android that my friend has.

That's where my friend will see something that is not really needed.

Yeah right, ad.

Many people hate advertising, and some people are always looking for ways to get rid of ads on android.

Yet advertising is something good and very in need.

Site owners use ads to earn a small amount of revenue used to develop their site.

However, the placement of too many ads is also not good and very annoying.

Buddy as a user would feel annoyed and want to eliminate the ad.

Well, for my friend who has problems with ads on android, this is the solution.

Actually a simple way to get rid of ads in android, but the guides out there teach the convoluted.

You will not find it here.

I will teach how to remove ads in android using the latest method is with root or without root.

This guide for you:

How to Remove Ads on Android Without root

Do you know? In addition to interfere, the ad will also suck data packets you use.

Loading pages become heavier because of the number of ads that will appear.

So if you remove ads, not only will the scenery look more comfortable, but will also save your internet data usage.

This is how to remove ads on android without having to do root.

Use Google Chrome

Google products never disappoint. You can easily remove ads on android using chrome even without root.

Chrome has cool features that can be used to remove ads. Stay logged in to Settings → Site settings → Pop-up / Pop Up → Select in Block.
That way ads with Pop Up will not appear when my buddy browsing. This is for pop up ads only. For other ads will still appear.

Well, if you want to remove all ads with chrome, use this way: Go to Settings → Site settings → Select Javascript → And select blocked.
If you're setting up like that, all ads will no longer appear on your android.

It's easy, right?

How to Eliminate Ads for Android that is already in Root

If your android buddy is in the root. The task of removing ads will be easier. Learn How to root android without this pc.

Just take advantage of adblock browser application that you can get for free on the playstore.

To use it follow these steps:

Download the Adblock browser app on google play.

After that install and open the application.

My friend just go to Settings → Adblocking → Then click Acceptable ADS and uncheck the "Allow some non-intrusive advertising"
With such settings, then all the ads that exist in android will disappear by itself.

Now you can browse safely and comfortably without ads.

But remember, all your favorite sites use ads to develop the site.

If you remove all ads while browsing, their site will not grow and maybe they will stop creating and you will not get any more free information.

So use how to remove ads on this android wisely.

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