How to Add Follower Instagram, 100% work and Powerful! No coin

Follower Instagram - Life in the millenia era like today is different from the old days, where most still use the classics and not yet instant now. In terms of entertainment is very limited, people will feel entertained if out of the house and watch the night market or simply by watching a colossal drama movie from the screen in each of his homes.

Hallo Guys !! You have entered in the year 2017, for this era all have shifted. Now many people have heard it - grinning to see his photograph emblazoned on the veranda with many comments and likes. Or are you happy to see your followers increase overnight? Is it true ?!

The presence of social networking in the midst of society is indeed shifting many habits. Sometimes you can see the fathers discussing the competition of birds chirping in a roadside stall with his colleagues with a touch-screen mobile phone, know what they kulik from his phone? Twitter Bird Forum on Facebook! At least we also experienced. In the past almost never missed to open up, now many young people also switch to Instagram.

Social media that features instant photo sharing is still loved by all circles. Since its launch in 2010 until now still exist to be a media that provides many benefits for the community. Of course, having an instagram account you can have a wider connection from your friends everyday, helping in sharing information as well as a free promotional media.

The last one was Guys, most important. Good promotion of your account, business promotion or promotion in other fields. But inside instagram we also have to have follower. Impactnya back on our account also, by having your followers will be regarded with good reputation and convince many people, whatever you post makes people believe and respect. Well, the question is how to get follower? Because it is not as easy as we play Facebook.

, many services added follower is offered, but the authenticity is still in doubt as well. From some sources say after we buy on the services of follower, spontaneous follower will grow by itself. But after a week will be gone, aka unfollow Guys! Widih .. than the money floating in vain yaa mending looking for free and proven aja. Before we find out how to add follower, we see what is the advantage of having many followers? You know my friend's account can be up to 12K, 54K, and so on .. is it a follower or the price of food in café yak ?!
Benefits of Having Many Follower at IG:

1.Easy to do business online shop, with a lot of followers of course easy to get customers. In addition, your merchandise sold out continues.

2.Earn money from advertising. With many followers you can invite advertisers or people who want to endorse to your IG account, you can automatically get a fee as a reward.

3.Make more confident, because you can be proud to have a lot of followers or think so many people who are interested follow you are your fans

Of the 3 benefits above, it seems true because many of us who have become a celebrity aka celebrity alias.

For those who have the nickname of a patent program to have a lot of followers up to hundreds of K, in every minute every second many people who follow them. For newly used Instagram users consider accounts that have many fans are public figures, although sometimes they are not real artists but artists in the instagram world. Then how do we add follower quickly? Cekidot

Instagram has revealed a way to get follower, that is by utilizing features that have been provided Guys. The photo-editing filters that are always fixed each version make it easy to specify the theme of the photo you want to upload. In addition, manual editing with good quality is also provided such as saturation, sharpness, contrast and other manual filter setting options. One of the most important things to attract people's attention to your photos and be a follower is the photos you upload should appeal to them.

But if this method is still still not make your followerm increases, try the following.
How to Quickly Add Follower Instagram:
Follow Followers From Instagram Accounts That Have Many Follower

1.That means you try to open one IG account that followernya many,
 eg artist account with millions of followers. Well, open followers and follow from top to 20 people down. After that go back to the profile, and reenter the artist's followers and repeat the steps again and again.
This method is effective for adding followers as every minute artist accounts are always increased, and the average of them is the person who just created the IG account. Of course for a new user will follow back.
#NB: Do not follow the above steps quickly, do it slowly so that your activity is not suspected by Instagram robot. If not you can be banned or diblockir. So, follow slowly give pause 3-4 seconds every time you follow.

2.Unfollow From the Previous Step

This means you must do unfollow when the account - the account of the followers of the artist was already doing follback, and try unfollow by not realized by the account owner. How to? You can be interspersed with uploading interesting photos or set a special schedule for unfollow eg 3-5 days since you follow the account. And remember, do this step slowly too. If not you can be banned and considered robot by Instagram.

3.Use popular hashtag or tagar. (#)

Simple but also effective, without the hassle you can upload your photo and complete with hashtag according to topic or theme of your photo. Indirectly you will be clustered with photos - same photo of the same, and of course in the hashtag homepage there are photo owners who will be sympathetic because they feel have the same interests. And he can do follow, 3 - 5 people, you can get a new follower of the hashtag. It depends on how many people are interested in the hashtag. If the hashtag you include includes global hashtags such as foodies, instapic, instagood may be an opportunity to get a new follower too big.

4.Enable Sync

This latter way can also add follower. You can turn on sync settings instagram like: Facebok, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and others. This is intended so that when you upload photos and tersetting so, friends from other sosmed will see and the possibility of visiting the IG millikmu may also occur until you follow.

And 4 ways above you can practice Guys, if it does not work you can scratch - scratch below here yes .. we will be surgical another way again with ^ - ^
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