5 Best apps get free bitcoin using android

Hello friends bestappandroid.com , Bitcoin prices are increasing every day. When this article is written, the price of 1 bitcoin equals $57,692, -. Very big is not it? Very big is not it? Even the dollar alone the average price is in the number 13 thousands

As the bitcoin skyrocketed, many people began to glance at it as an investment. Buy bitcoin today, then sell it again in the future when the price is higher.

Such a way is very effective for collecting bitcoin. But it is quite risky and also requires initial capital to buy bitcoin.

Are you interested in collecting bitcoins? If so, you may be wondering "how to collect bitcoins without capital?".

So easy. Do you have an android smartphone? If you have, then you can collect android easily, can be done in spare time.

Here are 5 android apps to get bitcoin for free.


How to get bitcoin using Bitmaker app is easy. There are two ways to get bitcoin through the Bitmaker app, by downloading the app and also seeing the ad. Any ads you see and apps you download through Bitmaker, you will get rewards in the form of bitcoins.

BTC Reward

You can get 100 satoshi (the smallest unit of bitcoin) every 3 minutes. You also play the game to get 1000 satoshi. Payments will be transferred to your bitcoin wallet every Monday if you have collected more than 25,000 satoshi.

Claim Free Bitcoin

There is no easier way to get bitcoin than Claim Free Bitcoin application. The rewards of this app vary, ranging from 1000 to 3000 satoshi.

Free Bitcoin

In addition to giving you free bitcoins every hour, Free Bitcoin applications are also diligently organized giveaway. Giveaway usually rewards large amounts of bitcoin, up to 250,000 satosi.

Bitcoin IQ Video Earn BTC

The workings of this one application is slightly different from other applications. Bitcoin IQ Video Earn BTC will give you bitcoin to watch the videos available in the app. Interesting right?

Why do those apps give you bitcoins for free?

Because the above applications also benefit from the users of the application. They earn money from ads that are in the app.

How, interested in collecting bitcoin in a way that is not complicated? Download the above 5 applications to earn income in the form of bitcoin to the maximum.

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