Very cool! Finally Game PUBG For Android Release Free

Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a phenomenal game today. Because the number of players who online this game through 2 million or almost 2 times the player DotA 2.

If you want to play this game, generally must be played with PC. Want to play it on android? Can loh! And the good news again you do not need to spend $30 , because the PUBG game on android is free!

5 Battle Royale Games For Android Free

1. Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds

This game according to Jaka is a clone of PUBG in the best android. Because almost everything is really similar, only just can hold 20 players in one game. But in the future, the number of players in one game will be added. The game is also lightweight, does not need high spec.

2. The Fittest: Battle Royale

For those of you who have a flagship smartphone, then you can try PUBG mock games on this one. The reason this game is made using Unreal Engine 4 is the same as the original PUBG, as a result graphics really good as in the PC. But instead, you need a smartphone with a high specification.

3. The Last One: Battlegrounds

Game this one is also practically very similar to PUBG, but frankly Jaka not so recommend it. This is just as a complement only, given the game is presented in Chinese.

4. Law of The Jungle: Battle Royale

Just as before, Jaka serves as a variation. Unlike other battle royale games for android, this game presents a very interesting forest arena. But his fatal weakness, unfortunately again presented in Chinese.

5. Free Fire: Battle Royale

Suitable for you the specification of smartphonenya very mediocre, for that reason Jaka recommend this game. Enough with 512MB of RAM, you can already play this game on android. So there is no reason not playing PUBG on android because of spec mediocre.

The final word

From personal Jaka, strongly recommend the numbers 1 and 2. What do you think, interested in playing? Share your opinion in the comment field yes!

Oh yes make sure you download on JalanMouse yes, because these exciting games are not in the Google Play Store. Make sure also read game related articles

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