Top 6 best app for iphone 7 plus that does not exist in android

best app for iphone 7 plus that does not exist in android,Fortunate users of IOS operating system. Lots of exclusive apps on the App Store and not owned by any other Store.

This is fairly reasonable because the App Store is much more profitable on the developer side. If you are a developer, of course you will prioritize selling to a more profitable store right?

Although local developers Indonesia prioritize the Android platform because Android users in Indonesia is much larger than IOS, most world-class developers are the opposite.

They chose to prioritize iOS because this platform proved to be much more profitable. Rather than curious, here's an exclusive iOS app that's not already on Android (at least until this post was made September 6, 2016):

best app for iphone 7 plus that does not exist in android

Camera +

Admittedly indeed, the iPhone camera application is very ugly. All you get is a standard app that only allows you to change modes like photos, videos, square photos, slow motion videos, time-lapse videos, and more.

For photos, you will never encounter apps that have manual controls like white balance, ISO, Shutter speed, and more.

Apple is deliberately making camera applications in such a way, to mencipkatakn space for IOS developers to develop third-party applications are much better. One of the third-party apps for the camera is Camera +.

This application can diblang one of the best for iOS. Various manual controls can be presented with a simple display.

For more download and review links on Camera +, please read on this article -> Review Camera + Application on iPhone

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Even applications from well-known and popular Adobe classmates are also sometimes picky platforms hehehe. Adobe Photoshop Sketch is one of the creative applications that allows us to express by drawing, painting, and others.

Although it can be used on the iPhone, of course this application will feel very maximal if used in the iPad Pro with Apple Pencilnya

The popularity of iPad Pro prompted Adobe to create this creative app. Actually not just Adobe Photoshop Sketch, but there are Adobe Photoshop Fix and some other applications that are still exclusive in iOS.

Will it be released for other platforms? I have no idea. What is clear is that iOS users are always spoiled by amazing apps.

Download - Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Infinity Blade

This super game is already present in up to 3 series. The last series, Infinity Blade III a few months ago get a free promo and can be downloaded at will. This game has earned a lot of profits and recorded as one of the very successful game. This success can look amazing, because they only sell the game on App Store only.

Yes, they did not show the slightest desire to release the game on another platform. Graphically, this game is amazing. One of the heavyweight games that size bergiga-giga. But the user experiencenya also very good. This game is quite simple so almost anyone can play it.

Download – Infinity Blade (Trilogy)


What is the best Twitter client app now? What is the most popular Twitter client app? In theory, the best Twitter app is definitely a Twitter-made app right away, because they are the first party. But the reality is not so. The best app for Twitter is not a first-party app, but a third-party app, the Tabots Tweetbot.

Tweetbot contains lots of features that are not owned by first-party or third party Twitter apps such as stats, activity, and other features. Although Twitter has purchased Tweetdeck and enhanced their Twitter app features, Tweetbot is already embedded in the hearts of its users. Oh yes, Tweetbot is only on iOS and OS X only.

Download - Tweetbot


Which video editing app is best? Most still answer Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect, and others. It's on a PC or Mac. What about mobile devices? Well, so far iMovie is one of the best free apps in the class of mobile devices.

iMovie is a creative application made by Apple which of course is exclusive only in Apple products only. IOS and OS X are the two target platforms. Although free and mobile format, the quality can be calculated really. OS X version is more cool again. In OS X all is available, stay put. Delicious right?

Download - iMovie (available free on certain iPhone series only, normal Rp $5)


You music boy? Who does not want an application editor and music composer? Of course you can get the best free apps like GarageBand. GarageBand is already there mobile version lho. The quality does not lose the same version of OS X. You can edit and compose music at will.

Want? If you want, yes want to not have to use iOS, whether it's iPhone or iPad. Mending use iPad just to have a wider screen. Need a better app? Try GarageBand on OS X. Still less? You can buy Logic Pro X, which is a professional and paid version of GarageBand. Cool, right?

Download - GarageBand (available free on certain iPhone series only, normal $8)

Actually there are many more exclusive iOS apps that do not exist in other platforms. There's also a change from exclusive iOS to finally release to other platforms.

For example, Instagram which a few years later released the application to Android, then to Windows Phone. There is also the old Stellar perched on IOS finally released to Android as well.

How? Any other apps?

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