5 Boy Game, Guaranteed Cool And Exciting

5 Boy Game, Guaranteed Cool And Exciting

Games for boys  has been much developed, not like the old days. Now games for boys are present on various devices, whether it's computers, laptops or smartphones. Usually boys are very fond of the challenging game genre and adventure. The game we present to you who are looking for games for men below later.

Boys, given the power to play games, can help him grow in technological advancement today. Of course we have to choose what games are good and educate for our children. All the games that we refresher on can be easily on the playstore, of course to get the game, you must have enough internet access.

List of Latest Boy Games

1. Mobile Legend: Bang-Bang

Game moba this one is perfect for boys, this game pertained action game. With an amazing ancient china character. Plus this game helps thinking power in shaping the right strategy to defeat the enemy. To get this game, you can find it on Playstore.

Not all smartphones can play this legend mobile game, because the graphics level is so good that it requires ram and a good processor to play it. But if you have a laptop you can play Mobile Legend on a Laptop with an android emulator. How to play is easy enough, collect items to enhance your hero skills.

2. Asphalt Xtreme

The game for boys is pretty cool and cool, Asphalt xtream is a racing game. Unlike the previous Asphalt version, this game is more challenging. Because the cars are available emang Xtreme, such as Off-road, Moster Car and other racing cars are no less cool.

In this game you can modify your mainstay cars, by starting to increase the speed of your car and power your car or color can also. to get this game, you just visit Playstore.
3. Minicraft: Story Mode

This game is quite tekenal presence, this one game is perfect for boys. The character is Lego-shaped, like the minicraft previous version, but this version is more to the action and adventure.

With a challenging mission, this game is quite difficult to play. But who would have thought, it is the difficulty that becomes a pleasure in playing this game. Many lessons learned in this game, train the child in concentration and hold patience of course. Minicraft is already present in playstore and App store, you can get the game there.

4. Fruit Ninja

Fruit ninja is a puzle-like game that we cut with a sword, but the puzle is some kind of fruit that makes boys love to play it. This game relies on the speed of moving the sword to cut the fruit, so the higher your level, the faster the movement of this game.

Many pitfalls you should avoid while playing this game, all of which aims to train your konsetrasi in play. Interesting is not it, you can play it for free and this game is also available in playstore.

5. Upin Ipin Dash

From the name alone is seen and imagine this game is in great demand of boys. Upin Ipin Dash is a running game to avoid traps and look for coins to collect. There are many challenges in this game, for example you have to get through the enemy quickly and you are also required to get a lot of coins.

This game is very exciting and this type of game is also very suitable for boys. And this game you can play for free on the playstore.

That's some fun games for boys, there are many more cool games to play. But it's enough to get here our meeting. Games for children is an entertainment, make entertainment as a learning. Thank you for reading this article.

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