Best 10 video editing app for android free 2017

Smartphone now has a camera specification is quite capable to simply capture your daily moments. No wonder there are many smartphone camera activist communities out there.

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

Who does not know Adobe Premier as one of the best video _editin_g apps. Adobe Premiere Clip present in Android offers an automatic editing feature of the photos or videos you have. You can also edit manually by inserting various tools, effects, and music available.

2. Funimate

Funimate became one of the popular video editing applications with ease of use. To edit easy and simple videos, Funimate provides 15 video filters that you can apply for free. This application is perfect for you who just edit the video for mere entertainment only.

3. Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Maker Filmmaker presents a classic look with a variety of ease of use. You can easily crop, crop, and rearrange the edited video. Although still less powerful than other video editing applications, Movie Maker Filmmaker is worth your try.

4. PowerDirector Video Editor

PowerDirector is perfect for you who need professional mobile video editing application. The PowerDirector user interface is quite common with editing features using the timeline concept. You can also easily insert video, effects, stickers, even 2 timeline audio though... 

5. Quik

As a newcomer in the world of mobile video editing, Quik offers speed as its flagship feature. You can add up to 50 photos and videos, Quik automatically edits into short videos. Quik also presents more than 20 filters that you can use.

6. VivaVideo

Being the most commonly used video editing app, VivaVideo even provides more than 200 filters that you can apply. VivaVideo uses a storyboard-based user interface as a means of editing. In addition VivaVideo also provides various effects, text input, and supports fast video or slow motion.

7. Video Editor

As the name implies, Video Editor presents a fairly simple editing feature. Video Editor can cut, compose, and add music to your videos. In addition there are features text input, emoji, and effects that make it more interesting. Video Editor is perfect for light video editing on Vine or Instagram.

8. Videoshop

Videoshop can be an option for you who need a lightweight video editing application with myriad features. In addition to providing standard features, Videoshop is also equipped with transitional animation, voice over recording, stop motion support, sound effects, and reverse video editing.

9. Videoshow

Although not yet comparable to PowerDirector or Adobe Premiere Clip, Videoshow is one of the most powerful video editing applications currently available. In addition to standard features, Videoshow also provides a variety of stickers, text, effects and themes that you can easily choose.

10. VQuick

Just like Quik, VQuick comes as a newcomer application in the world of mobile video editing. VQuick is perfect for you who like vlogging, citizen journalism, and so on.

Like social media, you can view videos that other users have edited. There is also a self destruct feature that allows videos to be removed immediately when others finish seeing them.

The final word

Well, that's 10 of the best Android video editing apps in 2017 for you smartphone videographers. To make a good video, you need skills and experience other than adequate equipment. Which is the best you think? Share on comment field yes!

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