5 best Android Apps that you have not tried yet

To date, there are already over 2 million Android apps that host the Google Play Store. Obviously, the developers are so interested in making the best Android app useful. The number of Android applications and continues to grow, of course we can not try everything one by one.

What is clear is that there are so many apps out there that offer impressive features but just drown. As Jaka will present the following which was launched from PhoneArena, here are 5 best apps with awesome features that you may not have tried.

5 best Android Apps with awesome features that you definitely have not installed

1. 1 Second Everyday

Ever mind to immortalize the day after day that we live? Imagine if you just missed it. Well 1 Second Everyday application will capture the unique moment of 1 second in our lives continuously every day for a year, which then combined and used as a video duration of 364 seconds. Surely it will feel amazing when we see the results. Yes, it takes patience, perseverance, discipline, long-term commitment. Dare to try?

2. Instructables

For you who want to be creative but confused what to do, you can find ideas with Instructables application. Instructables allow you to share tutorials, create a creation that can be an inspiration. There are many kinds of tutorials to create a creation here among others: cuisine menu, crafts, technology, workshops, costumes, and much more. You can also share the creation tutorials to others.

3. Footej Camera

Footej is a camera app with a clean and simple interface that is sure to be very easy to use. In addition, Footej also comes with settings and a complete shooting mode. Includes manual mode a la DSLR, GIF, and also slow motion video. If your hardware supports, there are also features like differentiating focus, exposure points, and shutter speed or shutter speed.

4. Spring-It's stylish, it's sexy

For an app name, Spring-It's stylish, it's sexy is an extension and must be admittedly pretty ridiculous. But its function is very useful, because it can conjure images that are less perfect to look attractive. For example, making a fat picture to be thin, short legs look longer, and big head becomes larger. Must try it.

5. Parallel Space

Nowadays having more than one account in social media is not a strange thing, unfortunately most social media applications do not have multi account support. Well Parallel Space is the solution, which allows you to use more than one account in the same application. Very useful ya, what else for you whose work can not be separated from social media.

5 applications on the function really cool right? There are many more cool apps that you may have to try one by one. Who knows there is a suitable and can increase your productivity or creativity in this life. What do you think?

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