5 Best Android Applications for Smartphone Overcome Fast hot

As a device that is often used for chatting, work, play games, to hunt for photos and video, reasonable if the smartphone quickly hot. Especially if you are very active using it.

The faster the performance of the processor and the more applications it runs, the faster your smartphone gets hot. But quietly, now there is a powerful solution to prevent your Android phone hot.

Hot smart phone does not make comfortable, especially if it is the main smartphone used for work and everyday communication. Therefore, prevent your smart phone hot with the following applications.

1. Cooling Master - Phone Cooler

Cooling Master is a trusted application that will prevent your smartphone from overheating. Because this application will work by watching and restrict any applications that can trigger the heat in the smartphone.

Once this app is run, then any app that runs continuously in the background will be automatically closed. So that the battery power consumption was reduced significantly.

2. Easeus Coolphone

Designed to cool the temperature of Android smartphones, EaseUS Coolphone will fix the problem of overheating and make smartphone battery saving. Not just taking care of applications running in the background, EaseUS has smart features that will work to manage applications when the smartphone is locked.

Often annoyed because the smartphone feels slow and hot? So install the Android heat deterrent application cooler device. This application will prevent your smartphone so hot and slow.

How it works, this app will limit the usage of power and also processor performance for non-critical apps. Even if there is an application that forces the work processor to overdeliver, then this application forces it to stop in the background.

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