5 top app for android that is very useful for humans

Many Android apps are quite useful but rarely known to many people. These applications can help your day-to-day activities. What are the applications? Here are 5 top app for Android that are useful but rarely known to people.

Best app

top app for android is the first best app, in the application you can learn how to use an application and learn how to hack an application or how paymentya.jika you do not have it, you can download the application below.

Rat Repeller

Top app for android,Mice can hear an ultrasound sound that has a hearing range of about 200Hz to 80 / 90Khz. There are various high-frequency sounds that we can not hear but mice can. Rat Repeller can produce a sound like that that can repel mice, because they will be very disturbed when heard.

This Medasoft-made app will help to ward off the rats in your annoying house, so you do not have to worry about the mice that often damage your belongings. You also no longer need to install a trap that is not very effective.
Download Rat Repeller: Android – free

Fake Call

Top app for android,Have you ever been in an awkward situation until you wanted to get away from that place? If you often experience it, Fake Call is the right application for you. This app can be used to forge calls.

You can also record your own voice as if it were seen talking to other people. Phone numbers and photos of people who call you can also set up as you please. But do not put pictures of artists or other famous people because your friends will not believe you.

Download Fake Call: Android – free

AirDroid - Remote Acces File

Top app for android,Do you often transfer data between Android and PC smartphones and lazy to use cable? AirDroid - Remote Access File can help you do that without having to plug in the data cable at all.

AirDroid allows you to synchronize smartphone data with your PC through Wifi and internet networks. In addition you can also control the Android smartphone via PC to track the presence of your Android smartphone. Only with keyboard and mouse, you can move data from Android to PC.

Download AirDroid – Remote Acces File: Android – free

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) - alarm

Top app for android,Alarmy is an application suitable for you who are lazy or hard to wake up. This app is made to wake up those who are too lazy to wake up. The alarm that lights up on your smartphone is easy to turn off, but not for Alarmy.

When Alarmy's voice rings, you will be confronted with various questions. To be able to turn it off, you should be able to answer that question. Some of the most powerful challenges are when you are dealing with math problems you have to solve in order to turn off Alarmy on your smartphone.

Download Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) - alarm: Android - Free / iOS - Free

These are some top app for android that are useful in everyday life, but rarely known to people. What do you think? Interested to use the various applications?

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