5 racing car games you must have

Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 2

Can not be denied, that Forza Horizon series is the best car game  racing series available. He managed to capture almost all the essence of the love of the automotive world and car  games racing  well. Starting from the choice of class cars to the selected location, which is a blend of the coastal urban areas of Monaco and rural areas in France which is famous to have beautiful streets and very fun to drive by race car.
The advantages possessed by the Forza Horizon series are amazing graphics and physics that are also applied to the Forza Motorsport series, a selection of cool cars to unique drives, as well as the social interactions offered by Studio Playground Games to its players. Because multiplayer in Forza is not just rivalry in the racecourse only. However, developed to be able to turn on the atmosphere of open-world . So, out of the race, the world inside Forza Horizon feels alive with players who can meet just to talk about their car or browse the map together.

The Crew: Wild Run

If you want a car game with a super-duper world wide. Where you can walk around in your favorite car, then The Crew is the answer. Ubisoft's game developed by Ivory Tower studio has an American mock folder. Not just a city or area, but 1 full map of America whose size is reduced. You can still venture into Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, and all other iconic city towns of America. Besides a large playground where you can explore many interesting places inspired from the real location in America, The Crew also has advantages in the modifications to the car you use.

Because in this game you not only can modify the car visually, but also the function. Yes, you can change the standard car you have into a rally car, circuit racing car, or even Monster Truck. With still have the freedom to set the look on bodykit, interior, color, until the sticker on your car.

Need For Speed 2015

After vacuum for 2 years, finally in 2015 and EA issued the latest Need For Speed. Lapped up as a series of reboots that bring the Need For Speed ​​series back to the roots favored by the fans. That is in the Underground-Carbon era where the customization of the car is the aspect and the main feature that is loved from Need For Speed ​​series. At this latest Need For Speed, Ghost Game Studio offers back the nostalgic sensations of the Underground through the atmosphere of the city night, the mountains with winding roads, and certainly a car that can be modified all-out.
However, in addition he also incorporated elements of contemporary with the inclusion of various famous bodykit such as Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny, and RWB. Just like in the previous Underground, you will also find a story that directs the game. You become a new rider who climbs in popularity to be able to compete with the "Icon" who are the original people who are engaged in racing and automotive world such as Ken Block, Magnus Walker, Akira Nakai, etc. This game may not feel like an Underground series, but at least the desire for Need For Speed ​​makes games that have similar concepts already fulfilled through this game.

Driver San Francisco

Driver Series may be known when the Playstation 1 triumphed, but began to lose prestige by Need For Speed ​​since the era of Playstation 2. San Francisco driver itself was released in 2011 and then, which is the last game of the Driver series before finally vacuum. Then, what makes this game fun? Imagine a wide open-world world based on a unique geographic city of San Francisco. Where you can pick any car on the street, and spur your car on any street.
With a 70s-style feel, the San Francisco Driver will soon pull you into a classic Driver game atmosphere but with the technology and freedom of the day. You will be presented with a game with a vast background of San Francisco, complete with cars passing by the city. A classic police-classic story will also accompany you through one race to another. Maybe it sounds like a GTA series, but Driver focuses all of its activities into driving very well.

Mad Max

Yep, this game is indeed an official adaptation of the movie Mad Max. Both (the movie and the game) are released almost simultaneously, which ultimately benefits both. The fans who have watched the movie are curious about the game, and vice versa. The game can not be ascertained to be in a universe with the film or not. To be sure both share the same aspects. You will still encounter an arid world dominated by deserts and carcasses of past relics such as buildings and bridges.
You also remain a role as a Max who ventured in the middle of a world that is now dominated by the armed cars are extremes. Driving is the majority aspect that you will encounter in this game, because the car you ride is the second life for Max. As the story goes you can upgrade your car to make it stronger and lethal when dealing with enemies. The world of open-world wasteland offered by Mad Max is wide-ranging with its unique geographical range.

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